Lighthouse Christmas Tree Topper

Yes, I make Lighthouse Christmas Tree Toppers! They are lightweight (4.1 oz*) so won’t weigh down the top of your Christmas tree and, yes, they have a working light! Each lighthouse is made from thick matboard to form a hollow tower with a portico and topped with a wraparound balcony, large window panes for the main light, and a battery operated light. Its painted with the desired colors and pattern then covered in a clear satin top coat.

My lighthouses also look great on their own year round on your side table or fireplace mantle!

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For custom orders, please fill out the form below. Once complete, I’ll put together an estimate for you based on your design decisions and shipping/tax location. Your estimate will come via email where you can review it. I won’t start on your order and you won’t be obligated to continue the purchase of the Lighthouse until you accept the estimate which will create an invoice. The payment is due within 30 days and ships within 6-8 weeks of the estimate being accepted (unless negotiated otherwise).

*Lighthouses with the spinning beacon light weigh 9.4 oz due to the included motor and batteries

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Last updated 24 April 2022