Lighthouse Christmas Tree Topper Gallery

Standard Lighthouse Design

The “Standard Lighthouse Design” includes a 12-13″ tall hexagonal (6-sided) lighthouse with a railing made of posts and a working light (battery operated push on/off). You can choose the colors and base pattern and can swap out the railing design free of charge.

Custom Nauset Lighthouse

Custom Lighthouse Christmas Tree Topper to match the style (shape, colors, pattern, door, windows, and balcony/platform) of the Nauset Lighthouse in Eastham, Massachusetts.

Spinning Beacon Light

Lighthouses can be made with a spinning beacon light instead of a regular, constantly illuminated light that shines in all directions at once. The spinning beacon light requires a motor that is housed within the lighthouse base, which widens the standard base design. The spinning beacon light can be stopped to be in only one position (i.e not spinning) and it uses a remotely operated light that comes with various color, brightness, and flashing options.

Small Lighthouse with Glitter

Last updated 24 April 2022