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Yes, I do custom work! I’d be delighted to customize a card for you or make some other one of a kind piece of artwork. I’ll take on those “i saw it on…” and “oh, do you think you could…” projects to create something you’ve envisioned and desired without the means of creating (or amazoning) youself.

Interested in having a custom piece created? Great! Just fill out the form below and I’ll start working with you on the design, timeline, and price range.

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Since many of my designs can be created with any medium, custom works include: cards, stickers, key chains, wall art, drawings, paintings, mixed media pieces, chalkboard art, calligraphy, tattoo designs, logos, programs/brochures, postcards, coloring books/pages, paper garland, etc.A

Many custom cards range from $10 to $20 (plus sales tax & shipping); some artwork, especially larger pieces can range upwards $50 but I’ll let you know what you’re getting into. I’ll also work with you to develop design options and figure out sizes, colors, materials, and price points. For orders of large quantities (usually >50), I’ll send free or discounted samples before you commit to the order. For other custom works I usually email you pictures, sketches, and other design options. Depending on the item and exact purchasing details, bulk orders are often sold as wholesale (typically 30% discount).

Think your idea is silly? I don’t. Well, maybe I do but that’s fun! I’ve made graduation gowns, puppy portraits, front doors, and even a bear in the backseat of a car wearing a seat belt.

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last updated 01 April 2022

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