The Artist

I’m kelsey: engineer by day, craft enthusiast by night. I was born and raised in the Annapolis, Maryland area and have strong ties to Broadneck and Eastport which is why many designs are a local Maryland and Navy theme. Not to mention my husband -just married in 2020- is in the Navy and we met in Annapolis. Although the Navy has uprooted me from home, I’m lucky enough to be able to take Buoy Greetings with me down to sunny Florida and hopefully to any/all future stations.

Why greeting cards? As a kid and throughout high school, I’ve made my own greeting cards (with mom being my best customer). The card that changed things for me was a custom thank you card for a family friend who hemmed my homecoming dress. The card was a tiny replica of the dress, made from paper, and hung on a tiny little hanger I bent into shape myself. It was a masterpiece, not only in my mind but by the reviews from all who saw it. It was that moment I started dreaming of the day I could turn my hobby into a something more. In late 2014, I went out on a limb and officially opened Buoy Greetings with good products but no business experience. Its been an adventure! I learn more every day and still fully enjoy my crafting and being a small business owner! I always feel that I don’t have enough the time to fully invest in Buoy Greetings but, then again, its a hobby and passion more than a pay check. Nothing sparks my motivation more than one of you lovely customers adding one of my products to your shopping cart or reaching out for a custom design! I thrive off the smiles my art delivers and I’m so excited to be able to share my talents with you.

The Art

Everything I make is an original design that is carefully thought out and executed using a variety of materials, though primarily paper. I typically hand-draw every design although I have been ‘sketching’ more digitally these days. For most designs I use my Silhouette cutting machine to make one or dozens or even hundreds of cards in a significantly shorter period of time and with very consistent quality (which allows me to keep prices relatively low). All cutting, painting, gluing, bow tying, stamping, embellishing, eyelet setting, and even laminating is all done right here at my desk, by me.


I grew up on the rivers of the Chesapeake Bay and nautical has always described every day life in Annapolis rather than a fashion and design fad. So when naming my business I wanted to it to be a Chesapeake style of nautical without getting into beachy and common nautical fad (like anchors, starfish, seashells, and even crabs since they’ve become so popular and their design is so rarely true to Maryland’s blue crab). The next best thing to blue crabs that came to mind is the variety of buoys used on crab pots (traps) in the rivers and bay. Sometimes they’d be real buoys and sometimes they’d be empty milk or detergent jugs (very classy).

Buoy (“boo-ee”)

A device used to mark a crab pot (trap) location that is easily visible on the water surface so that watermen can find their pots underwater. Buoys bear the waterman’s ID number issued by the Department of Natural Resources and usually have a unique and bright color pattern.

Contact Information

  • kelsey grace
  • email: buoygreetings@gmail.com
  • atlantic beach, florida
  • I’m happy to chat on the phone but please email me first or use the form below

Questions, comments, or requests? Reach out to me:

last updated 23 November 2021

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