the Artist

I’m kelsey: engineer by day, craft enthusiast by night. I was born and raised in the Annapolis, Maryland area and have strong ties to Broadneck and Eastport which is why many designs are a local Maryland and Navy theme.

For years I’ve been making my own greeting cards and have dreamed of the day I could turn my hobby into a something more (it’s still a work in progress). Designing and making these artworks – especially custom pieces – is invigorating and I believe my cards make others smile as well (or at least I hope so!).

Each design is an original piece of artwork and is carefully thought out and executed using a variety of materials, though primarily paper. I hand-draw every design and the only stencils I use are the ones I make myself. I turn my hand drawn designs into patterns and cut out everything either by hand or now with my new fancy paper cutter which quickens the time and keeps designs very consistent (and allows me to lower pries). All cutting, painting, gluing, bow tying, stamping, embellishing, eyelet setting, and even laminating is all done right here at my desk, by me.

Thanks for your interest – I wouldn’t have a business without people like you!

-buoy (aka kelsey)


I grew up on the rivers of the Chesapeake Bay and nautical has always described every day life in Annapolis rather than a fashion and design fad. So when naming my business I wanted to it to be a Chesapeake style of nautical without getting into beachy and common nautical fad (like anchors, starfish, seashells, and even crabs since they’ve become so popular and their design is so rarely true to Maryland’s blue crab). The next best thing to blue crabs that came to mind is the variety of buoys used on crab pots (traps) in the rivers and bay. Sometimes they’d be real buoys and sometimes they’d be empty milk or detergent jugs (very classy).

Buoy (“boo-ee”)

A device used to mark a crab pot (trap) location that is easily visible on the water surface so that watermen can find their pots underwater. Buoys bear the waterman’s ID number issued by the Department of Natural Resources and usually have a unique and bright color pattern.

Contact Information

  • kelsey grace
  • email: buoygreetings@gmail.com
  • annapolis, maryland
  • I’m happy to chat on the phone but please email me first or use the form below

Questions, comments, or requests? Reach out to me:

last updated 19 May 2020

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