Nautical Flag Keychain

These fun small wooden nautical flag key chains are great for the sailor or nautical enthusiast in your life.

The purpose of nautical flags or the International Code of Signals is to provide ways and means of maritime communication across languages especially for safety of navigation and safety of persons. The flags form a standardized alphabet (the letters A to Z and the ten digits), along with a spoken form of each letter (to avoid confusing similar-sounding letters, such as ‘b’, ‘p’, and ‘v’ which are spoken as ‘bravo’, ‘papa’, and ‘victor’), and when flown alone are a signal flag with a standard meaning (such as ‘I have a diver down’).

Each keychain is carefully hand painted, glazed, and adorned with its respective letter in the alphabet. The flip side is simply stained or covered in a yellow and white chevorn patterned cloth.

Size: 0.5″ x 1″

Price: $10.00 (purchase now)


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last updated 08 December 2019

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